We clear the Chinese middle-market for our clients in Healthcare, Consumer, Industrials, Business Services and TMT

Our deals cover opportunities from early-stage financing to buyout

Sector Focus

We are able to identify and connect to our clients all actionable investment opportunities in any given sector at any given time. We cover opportunities in over 100 sub-segments


Consumer Healthcare, Medical Device, Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Outsourcing, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Chinese Medicine, Active Ingredients, Chemical Agents etc…


F&B Products and Services, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Apparel, Retail, Leisure & Entertainment, Baby products and services, Appliances, Jewelry, Furniture, etc.

Business Service

Education, Facilities Management, Logistic Services, IT Services, Corporate Services, Testing Services, Financial Services etc.


High-End Manufacturing, Cleantech, Paper & Packaging, Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics, AI, Robotics, Machinery, Utilities, New Materials etc.


Media, Entertainment, Internet, E-Commerce, Video Games, Content, Telecommunications