We are the leading provider of deal-sourcing intelligence and services to private equity funds, venture capital firms and corporations investing in China

We generate unique intelligence on middle-market Chinese companies and connect them to our clients before everyone else


Merger-Link is the leading investment data and intelligence company for the M&A and private investment market in China.  We provide proprietary and forward-looking intelligence to private equity, venture capital and corporate investors. Not only we generate first-hand intelligence and proprietary deal leads that are not available in the market, we also connect them to the owners of the target companies saving significant time and increasing efficiency in their deal sourcing effort. With Merger-Link, our clients get a powerful competitive advantage.

Our Mission

We created Merger-Link in 2015 to solve the inefficiencies in capital allocation and lack of transparency in the fragmented Chinese middle-market. Using our unique competence to generate proprietary information, while building a large and powerful database on the Chinese private market, we aim to give our clients clarity, transparency and access to quality Chinese middle-market M&A and private investments opportunities. 


Merger-Link was created and operated by a team of experts in financial media, investment banking and corporate business development. We have a rapidly growing team of M&A and investment consultants specialized in specific industry sectors.